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91  General Forums / File Distribution / Misc Programs on: January 24, 2008, 01:29:47 PM
These are various old programs I made that doesn't deserve a topic of its own.


A pretty simple breakout/arkanoid-like game. Bounce the ball using your paddle to destroy all the blocks.

Skyroads 2004
A Skyroads game. Control your vessel to reach the goal speeding through the various environments. Create your own maps using the buildt-in editor. Was apparently made in 2004 Smiley.
NOTE: Do not Alt-Tab, or you can't go back into the game Grin


INI Edit
A program that can edit INI files. Simple, but can be useful if you don't like editing INI files in notepad.

War3 SLK Edit
A program that can edit the SLK files in WarCraft 3. Not too useful since WarCraft 3 got a more advanced map editor.

War3 Colour
Generates the codes for colored text for WarCraft 3 maps. Also supports gradient colors.

DirectX Capabilities
Displays some info about your graphics card.

Java Runner
A program that allows you to run Java *.class files by simply double-clicking them.

Ray Castro
A raytracer that renders shaded and reflective spheres. The scene is randomized every time you run the program and the output is saved to a TGA file. The name incorrectly refers to "raycaster" which is something different than a raytracer, just a sidenote.

Script Syntax Tester
An evaluator for a lisp/scheme-like language.

Symbolic Derivator
A program that evaluates and differentiates a mathematical expression.

An old DOS paint program for making sprites in a fileformat I made up myself, making this program pretty much useless unless you're a nostalgic retro-freak.

Word Builder
First train this program by feeding it with texts (words and sentences) so it can learn. Then let it try to construct words and sentences on its own using the knowledge it has been taught.


Can you get Homer Simpson to shut up?
Using Ctrl+Alt+Del automatically makes you a sissy!
A simple prog I made long ago.

Engine Test
Just a test of a graphics engine I was working on.
92  General Forums / File Distribution / WarCraft 3 Maps on: January 24, 2008, 12:42:01 PM
These are some of my old WarCraft 3 maps. I haven't tested them in a while so they may be broken, but let's hope not Smiley.

WarCraft 3 - Reign of Chaos Maps (RoC)

Blood Bath 2002
Melee map

Melee map

Demonic Sight
A short unfinished 2-map campaign. Plays as Humans vs Orcs.

Gladiator Championship v1.00 Beta Protected
An arena map? Haven't played it in a while.

Melee map? Haven't played it in a while.

Lumberjacks v1.05 Protected
Chop down trees, make an army, fight or die.
This map is broken I think.

Mouldy Donut
Melee map.

Path of the Damned
Melee map.

Rise of the Horde
The unfinished beginning of an Orc campaign, one of the first maps I ever made.
If not play for fun, play for nostalgia Smiley.

Volcanic Island
Melee map.

WarCraft 3 - The Frozen Throne Maps (TFT)

1337 Hero Selection
A test-map demonstrating an innovative hero selection system.

Arcane Magic v1.17 Protected
Battle against others in this arena-like map. Collect ingredients and mix to create various potions.

Calculator v1.00
A working calculator created using WarCraft 3 map triggers.

Clickfest v1.01
Name says it all, click on as many units as possible to make them yours before your enemies does.

Creep Fight v1.02
Fight creeps? Haven't played it in a while.

Darth Maul vs Ewoks v1.01 Protected
Team up with your allied Darth Maul clones to defend against the thieving Ewoks.
A defence-like map featuring a custom Darth Maul model.

Deep Blue Sea v1.01
Almost a normal melee map, except you fight with naval vessels.

Fountain of Youth
Melee map.

Gladiator Championships v1.00
An arena map? Haven't played it in a while. Might be an improved version of the RoC version above.

Legendary Heroes v1.10
Survive against a constantly increasing number of attackers using your hero.

Legendary Heroes II v2.05
A newer and better version of Legendary Heroes with more features.

Opposing Empires v1.06
DotA-like map? Haven't played it in a while.

Tomb Raiders v1.01
A dungeon/explore/fight/puzzesolving map. Four archeologist enters an old tomb in search of great treasures. Requires great teamplay to complete.
93  Programming Forums / General Discussion / Re: hlp me wth my hw plz on: January 24, 2008, 11:17:46 AM
Really bad language and poorly formulated question. I can only hope this is a joke...
94  General Forums / File Distribution / Re: War3 Model Editor on: January 24, 2008, 10:41:48 AM
That is indeed a strange bug I just checked and confirmed. Thanks for reporting it, sadly I doubt War3ModelEditor won't get any more updates. I prolly won't work on a modelling program until StarCraft 2 is released (hint hint ^^).
95  General Forums / File Distribution / War3 Model Editor on: January 20, 2008, 10:32:36 AM
War3 Model Editor is as the name suggests a Model Viewer and a Model Editor dedicated to Warcraft 3. It supports both loading and saving of *.mdl and *.mdx model formats which are used in Warcraft 3. It also supports *.bmp, *.tga, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.pcx and *.blp texture formats.

There is a buildt-in MPQ Browser that allows you to browse any MPQ archive, which also includes Warcraft 3 map files (*.w3m and *w3x). The MPQ Browser has been optimized for speed and is very fast to load and use. The MPQ Browser is customizable so you can add/remove your own icons and filters.

For those who knows C++ I've implemented a DLL-interface for model importing so you can write your own model importer DLL's (for other formats than those I've supplied). Check out the link at the bottom of the page and the docs for more information.

Don't expect this program to be in the same league as 3DStudio or the other leading commercial products. It was created as a simple (and free) alternative!

See the included help-file for more information!

As for the missing d3dx9_35.dll problem you may want to check out this site or this site.

  • Model Viewer
  • Model Editor
  • Geoset Importing/Exporting
  • Can save/load the model formats *.mdl and *.mdx
  • Can save/load the texture formats *.bmp, *.tga, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.pcx and *.blp
  • Can import other model formats (importers stored in DLLs)
  • Ability to convert between the model formats
  • Ability to convert between the texture formats
  • MPQ Browser (very fast loading)
  • Support for custom listfiles
  • Support for custom MPQ filters & icons

  • Loading Screen Creator
  • A tool to create colored text for Warcraft 3

Supported Importers
  • md2 (Quake 2)
  • ms3d (Milkshape)

Not yet Implemented
  • Geoset Editor
  • Rendering Ribbon Emitters

Known Bugs
  • Some transformations in combination with billboards are not correct!

War3 Model Editor (v1.07)
Zip-archive with the Model Editor and the neccessary files!

War3 Model Editor Source Code
The source code for the Model Editor (C++)!
NOTE: This is meant as an educational source, not something to be recompiled under another author! Therefore the source code is not fully compilable!

Model Importer API Source Code
The source code for creating model importer DLL's (C++)!

MD2 Importer Source Code
The source code for the MD2 (Quake 2) importer (C++)!

MS3D Importer Source Code
The source code for the MS3D (Milkshape) importer (C++)!

These are some documents I compiled explaining the BLP and MDX file formats. I found that such documents was really lacking on the net so I decided to put them up here to the public!

96  General Forums / General Discussion / Welcome to on: January 19, 2008, 10:12:57 AM
This is a portal/forum dedicated to games, programming and (when combined) game modding. Discuss topics, share knowledge with others, ask for help if you're stuck or share your own tools with others. Enjoy your stay!
97  General Forums / General Discussion / Official Test Thread on: January 19, 2008, 09:12:08 AM
If you're gonna test forum features, do it in this thread to avoid cluttering the forum.

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Font sized
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int main()
  return 0;
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